Breaking the gap

Vriendinnen Hilda en Judith

Eddie Ojok grew up in Gulu a town in Northern Uganda. By organising youth projects he wants to change the local community.

Eddie:”I came up with the idea because a friend of mine in Jinja is working with youngsters with special needs. I was interested and decided to start something similar in Gulu”.

In the autumn of 2017 Eddie started giving breakdance lessons to deaf teenagers in Gulu.

A challenge, because Eddie does not speak sign language. So in exchange for dance lessons, the group teaches him sign language.

Eddie shows them the dance moves and the group repeats the moves.

Eddie geeft les

The group

The group consists of 8 to 15 young people.

They practice every Friday from 4–6 pm.

When asked who the best breakdancer is, everyone calls out the name of Charles.

He is always the first to master the new steps.

Charles is de beste danser

Helping each other

Charles helpt graag anderen
Judith: Charles likes to help us with breakdancing.
Most of them can’t read or write. Being part of this group is important for them, they can help each other.

Judith: Because we are all deaf it’s easier for us to communicate.

We all use sign language.

Communiceren met elkaar

A good feeling

Vriendinnen Hilda en Judith

Hilda and Judith are friends.

Judith: Dancing gives me a good feeling. Especially after the lessons or after an performance.

Hilda: I joined this group because of my friends. We are all deaf.

I love to dance but I’m fearing to dance in public or in front of a group.

Breakdancing is giving me more self esteem.

Hilda zelfvertrouwen
Dennis favoriete pasje
Dennis: I like breakdancing and it’s easy.

My favourite move is the ‘top rocking’.

Dancing is entertainment

It’s easy to bring youth together by using entertainment.

Dansen is entertainment

Eddie: I want them to teach things what normal people can do as well. I want to break the gap between normal and disabled people.

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